Fabrics that are soft like cotton, light as a feather. It comes to life in our collections that are as lively as birds and dazzling as nature.

These free and comfortable life codes have also inspired our new logo.

As Pamuk & Pamuk, we bring world fashion together with our traditional culture and integrate elegance with comfort. The intertwined P letters in our new logo symbolize our products that we aim to provide multiple benefits. It simultaneously reflects unity, togetherness, common achievements and our elegant point of view.

We are happy to carry the naturalness and comfort that you will notice at the first touch of our organic products to every area of your life. We act with the understanding of "sustainable" products and production in order to keep this feeling alive for you and future generations. With the hummingbird in our logo, we are pointing to a nature that we promise to protect, a sustainable world.

Among naturalists; evoking a fairy-like grace and a jewel-like glow, the hummingbird is one of the most elegant and eye-catching birds in the world. It reflects our brand identity in the most accurate way with its ability to fly backwards and flap its wings 80 times per second as well as its magnificent beauties. Because we are not just about elegance; we attach importance to unlimited comfort, quality fabrics and a feel-good comfort.

We continue to add value to you, our country and the world with our natural, healthy, high quality, accessible and world-class productions.

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